Babywearing is so much more than just the listed benefits. It is a way of living. An expression of conscious mothering.

The answer to your baby´s needs for closeness and warmth. And at the same time the fulfillment of your own needs for independence and freedom. Since the beginning of time mothers all over the world already carry their babys. It is supporting the bond between the two of you, it´s practical and even looks gorgeous. Our baby wraps are designed for parents who like to combine comfort with beauty.



Your baby is close to you, feels content, safe and secure. All needs are met and you have your hands free to navigate through your everyday life with ease and grace. No need to stop what you´re doing when your baby is fussy. A gentle touch or a few soothing words will comfort it immediately.


When exploring the world together with your little one it´s often more convenient to be out and about without a stroller. Crowds or stairs are easy to manage. But you can pre-tie your wrap before leaving the house and put your baby in when leaving the car. Or you just simply store your wrap in any hand bag ready for when it´s needed. 


Babywearing helps to boost your confidence as a new parent. By being close to your baby you learn very quickly what your baby wants to tell you through movement, gestures and mimic. So it is easy for you to recognize his or her needs before your baby gets restless and upset. That way you can stay relaxed and enjoy the time with your child even more. 



Done correctly and using a good carrier/wrap, babywearing can protect you from back pain that many parents suffer from. Carrying your baby frequently strengthens your back and trains your back muscles according to the weight gain of your baby. At the same time you increase your allover strength while babywearing and walking around or doing your chores in everyday life.


Studies discovered that babys carried at least 3 hours per day are crying 43% less than the ones not being carried and even 54% less in the evening hours. Offering your baby a womb like experience right after birth, helps it to make the transition to life on Mother Earth as smooth as possible. Close to you, all wrapped up your baby feels safe and secure while listening to your familiar heart beat. In general infants who are carried are more content and calmer as their needs for physical & emotional closeness are being met.



Babys being worn by their mother are in sync with the rhythm of her breath, her heart beat and the movements that she makes. These stimulations help the baby to regulate her or his own body reactions. In addition the movement stimulates the infants entire metabolism and strengthens his or her immune system, especially through the combination of skin to skin contact. 

Therefore the infants that are worn are mostly sick much less. Through the movement and the physical contact the digestion of your baby works much better - that way you can prevent bloating or help to sooth it. A study showed that premature infants being touched and carried gain weight much faster than the ones not being treated that way.



A baby being carried is in the midst of life - no matter if you´re shopping, cooking or going for a walk your baby can experience the environment and the people surrounding you from a safe place and interact with the if desired - and that at eye level.

That way, the baby´s perception and sensation is being educated. At the same time the infant has the possibility to withdraw when he or she has had enough and prefers to snuggle against your breast again. Parents wearing their child communicate more often with him or her by explaining what they see, showing interesting things and responding faster to their baby´s discomfort. Just like that the child´s language development and the alliance of brain cells are being developed along the way. In addition the dumping of the body´s own happy hormones of a baby being carried stimulates his or her brain development.

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