The experience of becoming a mother gave me a sense of what I came here to be. Conscious motherhood became my biggest joy and challenge at the same time. That´s why I founded Koa Baby.

Babywearing is as natural as giving birth. All around the world mothers have been carrying their babys for centuries. You are free to move while your baby´s need for physical & emotional closeness is met at the same time. That´s why this ancient way of taking care of your baby is more than up to date for our modern world. Offering our baby a womb like experience right after birth, helps it to make the transition to life on Mother Earth as smooth as possible. 


Feel confident taking your baby wherever you go, expressing your beautiful new Self and following your maternal instinct at any given moment. You are the perfect mother to your child.


We invite mothers to connect, share, respect and support each other building the village that is not only needed to raise a child, but a mother too. Give yourself and your baby the gift of rediscovering the beauty of Babywearing. It is a way of living - the path of conscious motherhood.


Love, Vanessa 

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